Saturday, June 6, 2009

Empty nest syndrome -- already??

Getting all Sentimental-- Aanya starts school next month. It's already time to untie her from my apron- strings. She is just a baby yet, not even 2, my heart cries out in panic, tears threatening to brim over. Dont know where parents get the courage to send off their kids to boarding ? I can now somewhat begin to understand how my parents must feel - Just the two souls living in that huge house where space used to be scarce till yesterday and is full of emptiness today.
I gape wonderingly at mothers heaving a sigh of relief at their kids finally being off to school. Are they made of sterner stuff or am I an emotional fool! No, it's because my daughter is an angel. She is the most affectionate, caring and sensitive child I've ever known. Always ready with a hug and a kiss to wipe away my blues; massaging my forehead with her tiny hands to relieve my headache. How will this gentle darling defend herself from thr bullies at school?

Right now she is all excited at the prospects of going to school but my heart is sinking as the date draws near. Will she smile and wave bye bye or will she cry at seeing me go ? Will it hurt more to see her cry or to see her wave me away cheerily!